AP US History

Course Overview

Exciting news: the AP History exam format was revised in May and August 2017!  We’ll talk about these changes in August.

National Exam Date: May 11, 2018

Mock Exam Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018

Summer Assignment

    Students should pick up United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam 2016 Edition by AMSCO Publications (pictured on the left). 

 By August 7th, all students should have read Chapters 1-3 (pages 1-64) and fill out the attached reading guides. If you have difficulty getting the book for ANY reason, please email or call right away.

It is strongly recommend that students start watching or listening to the news (BBC World Service, NPR or the Associated Press are all great resources).   

Historical Periodization

Period 1: 1491 – 1607     Period 4: 1800 – 1848         Period 7: 1890 – 1945

Period 2: 1607 – 1754     Period 5: 1848 – 1877          Period 8: 1945 – 1980

Period 3: 1754 – 1800     Period 6: 1865 – 1898         Period 9: 1980 – Present  

AP Test Sections

Please note: all of your quizzes, essays,  and exams will follow the AP format and will be timed accordingly.

55 Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Questions      55 minutes   

40% of National Exam Score

Short Answer Question  (3/4 questions)              50 Minutes    

20% of National Exam Score

Document Based Essay Question                           60 minutes   

25% of National Exam Score

Long Essay Question                                                 40 Minutes   

15% of National Exam Score

Class Supplies & Information

AP History students will have homework or studying to do every night – reading, listening to lectures or using eClass. Homework should NEVER take more than 45 minutes. If it is taking longer than 45 minutes, please contact me.


Required Supplies:

  •  United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam 2016 Edition by AMSCO Publications
  •  Daily access to the internet for homework (PLEASE let me know if this is an issue ASAP)
  •  Assignment notebook/Calendar app
  •  3 Ring Binder with dividers (at least eight or nine)
  •  College Ruled Paper
  •  Colored Highlighters (Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green)
  •  Black or DARK blue pens (All graded assignments, must be written in blue or black pen)